Internet Service

Get Connected, The Island Way

High Speed Plus

  • $100.00 one time installation fee
  • Installation fee financing is available
  • $59.99 per month
  • One year contract
  • No phone line necessary
  • It's really, really fast

Rich interactive content, high resolution photos in E-Mail, competitive lag-free online gaming, movies and televions shows online... it's all possible with the High Speed Plus package from Route2.

"It's finished downloading already?" -- Route2 High Speed Plus Customers

High Speed Plus

Our latest and greatest Internet service, High Speed Plus offers download speeds of ~2.5X those of Standard High Speed.

From having one computer online in your home to an extensive network that supports your computers, laptops, gaming consoles and even your wifi enabled cell phones, High Speed Plus brings the Internet home. Stay connected with friends and family from around the world with no disruptions to your video chats or VOIP calls and take part in massive multiplayer on-line gaming with no jitters and slow-downs. You are only limited by your imagination.

There is no better way to play.

Are you considering a High Speed Plus service for your home office or business? We have business Internet packages and an array of business services designed specifically for your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Does this sound right for your family or someone you know? Let them know what your local Internet company, Route2 will do. Make the decision now to get connected - the island way - give us a call.